Wilderness Fare

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Wilderness Fare

Suited for both the cast iron novice and the expert outdoor chef, the Wilderness Fare bundle leaves little to be wanted when it comes to open fire cooking. Packed with master techniques, smoky recipes, and made-for-a-lifetime tools, this set was designed to ignite a passion for outdoor fare.



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Bundle Includes

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Cast Iron Dutch Oven Classic Kit – 4 Qt.

Our Dutch Oven Classic Kit features a cast iron skillet with an ergonomic, heat dispersing handle, a triple sanded smooth interior, dual pour spouts, and side handles for easy carrying. Our pre-seasoned cast iron dutch oven classic includes a venting lid, and heat dispensing coil handles. Wide feet at the bottom allow for a sturdy cooking base, and the wood trivet protects your table from the heat.

Food From the Fire

This back-to-basics guide is the epitome of everything we love about outdoor cooking: simple tools and simple practices that deliver incredible meals. Whether you prefer seasoned freshwater fish, thick cuts of roasted meat, or an unbeatable campfire waffle, Food From the Fire has it all.


Niklas Ekstedt made a name for himself as a popular TV chef in Sweden. His restaurant Ekstedt in Stockholm specializes in dishes prepared and perfected in the restaurant’s wood-fired oven and open fire pit.

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