Ancient Grain Bread Flour


All-natural, Vegan and rice-free, this 1.5 lb bag of goodness substitutes regular flour cup for cup. Made from a combination of naturally gluten-free and unmodified grains like Amaranth, Millet, Teff, Sorghum and Quinoa, this Old Fashioned Bread Flour offers a healthy replacement in any flour-based recipe.


Touting “delicious, fresh and gluten-free” flours, pastas and bread products, Manini has made a name for themselves in the kitchens of thoughtful and discerning chefs everywhere. Uncompromising on both healthy ingredients and the unmistakable goodness of well-made foods, Manini’s entire collection is of only the highest quality and taste

  • Made exclusively with ancient grains
  • All natural, vegan, rice-free
  • Ingredients: Flour blend (whole millet flour, tapioca flour, teff flour, organic sorghum flour, organic amaranth flour), Hi-maize resistant starch, organic cane sugar, xanthan gum, sea salt
  • 1.5 lbs
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