Copper Cow Pour Over Coffee


Bringing a whole new experience to campfire coffee are Copper Cow’s pour-over filters. Simply place the pour-over filter over a mug, add hot water, and enjoy rich and energizing Vietnamese coffee (and say goodbye to lackluster, flavor-weak instant brews in the process). Each pack comes with five single servings of California sweetened condensed milk in liquid form, made from only two ingredients: real California milk and sugar.


Proud of their equal parts Vietnamese and Californian heritage, Copper Cow Coffee is a brewer unlike any other. Their sustainably-sourced, bold and rich coffees both awaken and inspire with their trademark flavor profiles.


  • 5 single-use portable pour over filters pre-filled with sustainably sourced ground coffee beans from Vietnam (not instant)
  • 5 single servings of California-sourced sweetened condensed milk (liquid, not powder)
  • Wooden stirrers


  • Coffee: Premium Responsibly Sourced Vietnamese coffee
  • Condensed milk: Fresh California milk and sugar
Enamel Coffee Mug $7
Cast Iron Skillet – 10" $22
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