Fire Pit


Bring warmth and durability to the heart of your campsite. Our Fire Pit is crafted with coated stainless steel in a large open-bowl design that supports heavy logs and high temperatures from lively fires. Its sturdy legs and handles make for simple transportation to and from your favorite location. Whether you’re preparing a slow-cooked cast iron meal, roasting marshmallows over smoky embers, or simply sinking into a warm evening and your favorite cocktail, the Fire Pit’s rugged durability will preserve the moment.

  • Large, 29-inch open bowl design for big logs
  • Constructed from steel with high-temperature black coating
  • Three 11-inch legs for maximum stability
  • Two handles for easy transport
  • Overall height is 16 inches, meeting most regulation requirements


29" W x 16" H


21 lbs




Steel with high-temperature black coating

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