White Sage & Wild Mint Tea


Harvested from the Mojave Desert, this White Sage and Wild Mint Tea offers a flavor profile worthy of its name. Herbal and earthy scent notes both warm and invigorate for the path ahead.


A true leader in the art of foraging, those at Juniper Ridge quite literally forage for days to find the best plants and herbs for their collection of natural fragrances, soaps, moisturizers, oils, teas and incense. Committed to the craft and unyielding in their practices of caring for the planet, each product is designed and formulated to maximize the best of world’s sustainable growth.

  • A wonderfully cozy, complex, mineral tea harvested from the Mojave Desert
  • Scent notes: Top notes of refreshing mint, herbal mid-tones, resinous base accents


  •  20 unbleached bags per tin
  • Ingredients: 100% sustainably wild-harvested white sage, organic mint, wild mint
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