Denim Apron, Railroad Stripe


Made from 100% cotton denim and perfected with vents, rivets and overstitched seams, this apron is a favorite of many. It’s oversized pocket fits bar supplies, garden tools, and everything in between for ultimate versatility and usability.


At the heart of the Art Style Design Living brand is a love for the kitchen - one we wholeheartedly share. A commitment to utilitarian products that bring the family to its gathering place make their aprons, potholders, oven mitts and kitchen accessories a natural fit with Barebones products.

  • Durable
  • Adjustable straps

Included items

  • 1 apron
Cultivator $22
Garden-in-a-Bag, Oregano $10
Garden-in-a-Bag, Sage $10
Garden-in-a-Bag, Thyme $10
Hori Hori $30
Kids' Garden-in-a-Bag, Sunflower $14
Kids' Garden-in-a-Bag, Tomato $10
Kids' Garden-in-a-Bag, Viola $10
Large Scissors $26
Micro-Greens Spice $48
Perennial Gardener $90
Pocket Garden Herbal Tea $15
Small Scissors $22
Spade – Test Thumbnail $22
Square Hoe $22
The Classic Gardener $60
Hori Hori & Sheath $50
Window Box Herbs $54
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