Japanese Nata Tool


Clear brush, strip bark, plank wood, make kindling–all with one thoughtfully-crafted tool.  Inspired by a traditional Japanese implement and constructed with heritage-quality materials, our Japanese Nata Tool unites versatile function and refined durability. The stainless steel blade and a solid steel core that extends through the length of the hardwood handle lend stability and greater swinging weight yet it still packs thin and light, making it an essential addition to any collection.

  • Vintage-inspired Japanese design

  • 12” easy-sharpen blade

  • Full stainless steel tang

  • Hardwood handle with walnut finish

  • Timeless copper accents

  • 1 year warranty


19.5”L x .75”W x 2”H


2.25 lbs.




Stainless Steel


Waxed Canvas



1 Year

Q – Why waxed canvas? 

A – Waxed canvas repels water and is durable and light, making it an ideal fabric for protecting your tools. It also wears and ages well, developing a unique patina.

Q – How do I care for this?

A –Waxed canvas should never be dry cleaned or machine washed, but can be carefully cleaned if you so choose. Brush off the loose dirt, rinse the surface with plain water, gently scrub with a brush, then let air dry. If you stains persist, use a mild bar soap or saddle soap. 

Over time or after cleaning, your waxed canvas may need to be re-waxed. To do so, use a wax conditioner and apply in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

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